Why Executive Apartments are Becoming so Popular

As a business traveller, travelling expenses can quickly add up; flights, hotel accommodation, meals and drinks can easily become an expensive bill for any company or traveller to pay. Although expenses are unavoidable in a business world, the amount of expenses can easily be managed.

The single most expensive item on any business traveller’s list is accommodation. Hotel prices are constantly rising and can be quite high in popular cities; especially if you need to attend a conference lasting for days at a time. This is when executive apartments should be considered. Renting a fully furnished executive suite is much more affordable than a hotel suite and it is a great way to reduce some of your company’s expenses without having to compromise on luxury. This is especially helpful if there are multiple employees or co-workers travelling for a conference or business meeting.

This type of accommodation is becoming increasingly popular, especially since it offers all the convenience of a hotel room, with the added privacy and space. When travelling for longer periods of time, executive apartments are especially popular as they can give that feeling of being at home and the comfort that comes with that. You will have appliances in the home, more space, and none of the interruptions that you typically have to endure at a hotel. If you take a fully furnished executive apartment you will have everything you need; a fridge, furniture, internet access, television and more.

Another benefit of choosing an executive apartment is that you can be close to popular attractions such as restaurants, movie theatres, airports and shopping centres. You can have your own washer and dryer in your apartment if you prefer to take care of your own laundry or you can make use of a laundry service close by. Additional services such as a butler service, car valet or key holding can also be used.

The next time you are looking for accommodation while travelling, consider an executive apartment for yourself and your colleagues. Claire’s Executive Apartments specialises in accommodation in popular cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town, to make your business travels a real pleasure.

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