Reducing Travel Costs with Long Term Rentals

Furnished apartments are becoming more popular these days, and not only among private travellers. Business travellers are also benefitting from this as it will help to reduce costs for their company when it comes to travelling. This is largely due to the fact that these units offer the perfect alternative when traveling. There are so many advantages to both the traveller and the company that has to pay the bills, which is why travellers are starting to make use of long term rentals of furnished apartments.

Hotels has been used over decades as accommodation when traveling for work. In fact, this was one of the only options. Luckily, times has changed and so has accommodation options. Hotels are very expensive and in this economic climate, all companies has to cut down on travelling expenses. Keep in mind that the company not only has to provide accommodation but is has to provide transport of a sort, meals and other unforeseen costs that might arise during the trip.

For executives or other employees that travel most of the time, furnished apartments and especially long term rentals feel more like home that a hotel. Plus, there are the added benefits of amenities found in a home, like a fully functional kitchen, provided with as stove, pots and pans and the necessary utensils that will be needed to make a home cooked meal. This will allow the traveller to cook healthy meals, saving money from buying take away every night. Don’t not forget about the satellite package that is usually included, creating an environment to relax after a busy day at the office.

Privacy is sometimes compromised when travelling with a colleague, especially if the hotel booking is not made correctly and you end up sharing the room with that person. With long term rentals, you will be able to choose the number of bedrooms, saving everyone from potential embarrassment and providing the necessary privacy.

Claire’s Executive Apartments specialises in long term rentals of furnished apartments throughout South Africa. We provide clients with upmarket spaces that are not only affordable, but very convenient and luxurious. We also provide apartment rentals in popular cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town, for added convenience.

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