Luxury Apartments for Rent

Business executives and travellers often need accommodation for an extended period of time, and since hotels can quickly become very expensive, luxury apartments are the ideal alternative. Not only is this a more affordable option, but it will also be a more private, relaxing alternative to enjoy.

There are many benefits in choosing luxury apartments over hotels. The most important is that you can choose the location of the apartment, allowing you to determine how close you are from important locations or amenities in the area. If you travel for work purposes, you can choose an apartment that is close to your work so that you can cut down on travelling time and unnecessary costs. You can find the ideal location that is close to your office, close to main routes and highways, and close to amenities such as business centres, shopping malls and restaurants. This will make your stay very convenient and enjoyable.

Luxury apartments also mean that you can negotiate the terms of the lease, and the length as well. Since a business trip can last longer than you initially planned, this is ideal. You can benefit by negotiating a longer term lease, or negotiating the price, depending on the facilities that the apartment offers, along with the fact that it is fully furnished. This adds to the convenience of arranging accommodation, as you won’t have to find furniture, appliances and other items that are essential to make your stay comfortable.

Finally, comfort is another great benefit. A luxury apartment is simply more comfortable than a hotel room as you will have more privacy and you can add your own furniture or appliances if you need to. You can add your own internet access, DStv, appliances and more. When you search for apartments you can first ask about what is included, and what you can add to make it more comfortable for you. Keep in mind that you might want to be close to amenities such as laundromats and business centres.

Claire’s Executive Apartments specialises in luxury apartments for corporate travellers and business executives. We are experienced in finding the perfect apartment in popular areas such as Sandton and Cape Town and can negotiate the perfect lease terms according to your needs and budget.

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