Finding Long Term Executive Accommodation

As a business traveller, travelling for business purposes, accommodation is essential to have. Hotels and self-catering units are popular choices when it comes to business accommodation, but they are not always ideal and do not offer the privacy that you need. A good alternative to consider is long term rentals; these fully furnished apartments will provide you with the best accommodation when travelling.

Enjoying Your Own Space

A huge benefit renting an executive department is that you have your own private space to enjoy. You will have an apartment that is considerably larger than your hotel room and will also be more private. If you choose to rent a fully furnished apartment you will have the added benefit of absolute convenience, as you won’t have to worry about furniture or appliances before moving in. This is ideal for business travellers who need to find suitable accommodation on short notice.

With a fully furnished apartment, you can choose the term of the lease, which is perfect for travelling individuals. If you choose long term rentals you can enjoy your business trip you have comfortable accommodation throughout the entire period. We also work with an agent to find you suitable finished apartments when you need them, simplifying the entire process. It is also more cost-effective to stay in the furnished executive department than hiring a hotel, which is another benefit for business owners to consider.

When you consider various apartments, keep in mind that you might need certain amenities close by. This can include a laundry service, a restaurant or shopping mall, or even a business centre and internet café. Make a note of these services and how far they are from your apartment so that you know where to find them. Another aspect to consider is the distance that you will need to travel to and from your work daily. This is important as it will take time and money while you are travelling on the road so the closer you can stay to your work the better.

Claire’s Executive Apartments specializes in fully furnished apartments as well as long term rentals for clients across South Africa. The company markets properties in the Johannesburg and Cape Town area and allows tenants to live in style and luxury.

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