Executive business accommodation

For the CEOs and managing directories doing business abroad in the eighties, if it wasn’t first class, they didn’t want to know. First class travel, first class accommodation – in the best and swankiest hotels.

Executive accommodation today however, is an entirely different story. Gone is the trashiness; that faux gold bedcover lost forever and power suits (finally) dumped. In an age of convenience and austerity, today’s business accommodation is self-sufficient, sleek (but not flashy) and most of all, comfortable.

Where it once used to be all about the five course meal including escargot and caviar, the focus now is on rolling up your sleeves and flexing your cooking muscle. Today, executive apartments allow you to dine your clients in style – but more importantly, in an environment that evokes the luxuries and comfort of your home.

For businesses and corporate organisations, apartment accommodation is becoming increasingly attractive, not least because it shows of the multi-talented nature of their staff (cordon bleu cooking and closing a million pound deal? What a star). Renting business accommodation is much more cost effective for companies; the rates are more competitive than those of a hotel, and for companies on shaky financial ground, every penny counts.

Apartment accommodation comes with excellent facilities – of the kind that would whack up a bill in a hotel. From the latest home technology to the best power showers around, executive accommodation is luxuriously designed to help you relax after a stressful day wheeling and dealing with clients.

For many, it is the added benefits of business accommodation – the extra services that are included in the package – that encourage them to come back time and time again. Private health clubs, heated swimming pools, chauffeured cars and airport transfers are just a couple of reasons to ditch the hotel and enter the luxurious life of apartment accommodation.

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