Booking a Long Term Rental

Business travellers know that accommodation can quickly become very expensive, which is why alternatives are always a welcomed benefit to have. Not only are these apartments usually fully furnished but they are also convenient and can be rented on a long term basis to reduce accommodation costs. Long term rentals of stylish fully furnished apartments in South Africa are very popular as they provide the best and most convenient business accommodation for corporate travellers in South Africa.

Business travellers often need to find accommodation for an indefinite time period, making long term rentals ideal. The lease period can be adjusted according to the client’s needs and it requires little maintenance, if any, which saves a lot of money. An executive apartment is perfect for corporate individuals who need to be close to their offices, and since it won’t require any maintenance, it is ideal for single occupants. These apartments can even be rented with additional benefits such as cleaning services, butler services, and laundry services. This makes it easy to have your own privacy, while having the convenience of a hotel.

Choosing long term rentals is an affordable and convenient way for your employees to travel and find accommodation while they work on a project away from your main office. It’s a great idea for any business traveller looking for reliable accommodation that does not involve staying in expensive hotels. These types of apartments are quickly becoming very popular, making it important to work with an experienced agent who can help you find what you need, at the right price. Your agent can find an apartment in various main cities like Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town, and negotiate a lease period that will suit your pocket and your lifestyle.

Claire’s Executive Apartments specialises in long term rentals, especially fully furnished apartments in Johannesburg and provides clients with upmarket spaces that are not only affordable, but very convenient and luxurious. The company also provides apartment rentals in other popular cities such as Cape Town, for added convenience. 

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